Thursday, 12 March 2015

Spring is on its way...

It's getting warmer, and my crafting desk is seeing rays of sunshine after 5 p.m. again. To me, as a part-time paper artist, whose creation processes often take place in the evening, this makes all the difference. More daylight means more opportunities to find the best and most exciting colour combinations. I certainly didn't need to see the internet try to figure out whether a dress was white and gold or blue and black in order to know how light affects the way we see colours. On my crafting desk, where I regularly work with the nuances of colours at different times of day, and through all the seasons, I see the effect of light at work all the time. Right now, I am working on the spring collection, and will be releasing new cards with flowers, butterflies, Easter bunnies etc. soon. Stay tuned!


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