Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Hello from Europe!

Have you ever been to Iceland? No? Then you should go! It's AMAZING. I spent the entire last week travelling around the country and was blown away by the spectacular landscape and wildlife. Breathtaking waterfalls, geysirs, geothermal baths, volcanoes, craters, glaciers, glacial lagoons, whales, seals, birds, plus sheep and horses everywhere you look. Iceland got my creative juices flowing as well, of course, and because I can't sit still for too long without doing something crafty, I started a six-part photo series entitled "Origami in Iceland". Every day I folded something inspired by the site(s) I was visiting that day. Check it out on Instagram or Facebook. Here's a little taste.

Now I'm in Germany for two weeks, visiting family and getting ready for my sister's wedding. I will have plenty of crafting opportunities in the coming days, but they will all be wedding-centric (stay tuned for pictures on Instagram). In other words, I won't be making any greeting cards while I am in Germany...  If you've been wondering why you can't see any items in my Etsy shop at the moment, that's why. The shop is in vacation mode and will reopen on September 12. That said, if you would like to discuss and/or order custom design, please get in touch! I won't be able to fill orders before I am back in Toronto, but I would be happy to discuss design options, pricing and time frames.

One final piece of information before I go back outside to soak up the German sun:
I have lined up five craft shows/pop-up markets in Toronto (Brick Works, Roncey, Trinity Bellwoods) for the months of October, November and December, with possibly more to come, so mark your calendars! You can find more information HERE.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Happy Summer!

It's promising to be a warm and sunny Sunday -- no better reason to head to Toronto's Evergreen Brick Works for the day. Their Sunday Farmers' Market is well worth a visit, but even more importantly (I think so anyway), the Brick Works are yet again host to a selection of over 30 local artisans this Sunday. Whether you'd like to treat yourself to a new pair of earrings, get a gift for your best friend's new baby, stock up on handmade soaps, buy a greeting card for your cousin's wedding, or pick up a ukulele to complete the Hawaiian summer feeling: the Etsy Marketplace will have something for you!

Here are the details: 

When: Sunday, August 7, 10am - 3pm

Where: Evergreen Brick Works, North Pavilions (Farmers Market), 550 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON M4W 3X8


Have you seen my new cards yet?

Much like last year, Paper Turns will be present at the Brick Works with a big table full of greeting cards for all sorts of occasions: birthdays, weddings & engagements, birth, sympathy... I will also have a big selection of blank cards, which include some customer favourites such as the cherry blossom, dragon fly, signature crane and fish cards. If you have been following me on Instagram, Facebook or Etsy, you will also know that pandas and sunflowers have been added to my line of blank cards. I will have a bunch of each for sale at my table  Are you a Pokémon Go player or know someone who is? Then you might want to come to the Brick Works not just to go on the hunt for Pikachu  & Co. but also to get your hands on my new Pokémon Origami Heart cards. I'm sure you know someone who is "a real catch" and deserving of this cute card. Of course, I will also have lots of card sets again. I know you'll want to add them to your own stationery stash, but they also make lovely gifts... just sayin'! Finally, as always: plenty of origami magnets for your fridge and notice boards. 

Panda card (Art. no.: 00JO-JP-WHI16061), Sunflower card (Art. no.: 00JO-A2-YEL16071) and Pokémon cards in different colour combinations

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday! Stop by my table and say hi. :)