Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The first craft sale for Paper Turns

For the first time ever since its launch in September, Paper Turns ventured into the public forum, introducing the brand to a whole new range of people. It wasn't a huge event; just a small holiday pop-up market in the College/Dovercourt area in Toronto. Nonetheless, it was a big moment for Paper Turns, so I put on a big display, and added some seasonal sparkles as well. See for yourselves. Paper Turns even received a shout-out on the Facebook page of the event location, Smiling Buddha

On display were the regular greeting cards for all occasions, including a big selection of blank cards, brand new business cards, and flyers to remind everyone to vote for my Christmas and Hanukkah cards in the Paper Place holiday contest...

...then there were some of the new "Four Seasons" card sets that attracted everyone's attention, some other card sets, and lots of stocking-shaped gift tags...

...and finally, the entire Holiday collection in all its glory. 

And this is me--proud creator of Paper Turns--at my first stall.

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