Thursday, 2 April 2015

Happy Easter!

Easter cards

Why not make a beautifully crafted card in spring colours part of your Easter presents or decorations? The signature ornament on all 2015 Easter cards is a handmade origami bunny made from colourful foil. The Easter cards come in two sizes.

Art. Nos.: 14OR-A6-MIN15031 (left) and 14OR-A6-MIN15032 (right)

(1) The A6 cards are made from light green linen card stock and feature mixed green & gold chiyogami, accentuated by beige card stock. An origami bunny in purple or gold foil is placed just off centre, and a satin bow in a matching colour is placed below. Cards can be custom-made with bunnies and ribbons in other colours as well. Options include pink, blue, orange and bright green foil. The card comes with a white envelope.

(2) The A2 series comes in two card-stock colours: red (with a red envelope) and mint green (with a white envelope). Each card features colourful rabbit-patterned chiyogami, matching white tissue, and origami bunnies in red (on the mint green card) or silver (on the red card).


Article No.: 14JO-A2-MIN15031

Article No.: 14JO-A2-RED15031

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