Saturday, 9 May 2015

Great Turnout for Paper Turns at the Artisans' Market @SickKids Hospital

The Paper Turns table at the Artisans' Market @SickKids, Toronto

Paper Turns cards were a big hit for Mother's Day shoppers. The Mother's Day card range sold out within the first 90 minutes!

Large black card (Art. No.: 17OR-SL-BLA-15051) and navy card (Art. No.: 17OR-SL-NAV-15051)

The large square cards in black and navy, featuring a small bouquet of origami flowers in varying shades of pink were the first to fly off the shelf. The A6 cards in green, lilac and navy were gone shortly afterwards.

Mint green card (Art. No.: 17OR-A6-MIN-15051) and lilac card (Art. No.: 17OR-A6-LIL-15051)

Navy/lilac card (Art. No.: 17OR-A6-NAV-15051) and navy/yellow card (Art. No.: 17OR-A6-NAV-15052)

Once the Mother's Day cards were gone, many shoppers requested the immensely versatile large blank linen cards in different colours to be customised on site for Mother's Day. The large linen cards were popular with those who shopped for wedding cards as well. I had my gold pen handy, and thus the cards could easily be adorned with a "Happy Mother's Day" wish, or a "Congratulations, [name of bride] & [name of groom]".

Another big hit were the funky new owl card sets. They sold out after a few hours as well. Each set features three little cards in bright green, each with a cool-looking owl sitting on a branch and sporting shades. The owls in each set are red (with yellow shades), orange (with teal shades), and yellow (with pink shades).  

Owl card set. Article No.: 00JO-SE-GRE15051

A little boy who had just come from a medical procedure was wowed by the origami birds on my cards, and when I asked him to pick a bird shape, and to choose a colour from my big pile of mini origami sheets, I folded a little crane for him on the spot, which pleased him and his mom immensely. Get well soon, little boy!

Here are some close-up impressions of my table:

It was lovely to meet and chat with the many visitors to the Artisans' Market, and to introduce a new range of people to the Paper Turns brand. I certainly had a great time and am already looking forward to my next craft show. Stay tuned!

Monday, 4 May 2015

Upcoming Craft Show Featuring Paper Turns!

Paper Turns will be selling greeting cards at the upcoming Artisans' Market at SickKids Hospital in Toronto on Friday, May 8th, 9:30am-2:00pm. The Artisans' Market is in the Atrium/Garden Terrace of the Hospital at 170 Elizabeth Street (you can get there using the entrance at 555 University Avenue as well).

At my table you will find both my most beloved card ranges (e.g. plenty of signature crane cards in all colours, cherry blossom cards, dragonfly cards...) and my new cards for Mother's Day, for children, for sick people, for summery occasions and more. You can also order cards, or discuss your stationery needs and ideas with me. I can customise cards on site as well! 

If you've missed the "Etsy Made in Canada" show or the "One of a Kind" show, this is your opportunity to meet some fabulous local crafters. No admission fee! 

I look forward to seeing you there!