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"Paper turns sentiments into treasures."

Hello there,

Katrin Dorothea here. I am the artist behind Paper Turns greeting cards. Born and raised in Germany by a crafter mom and a DIY dad, I have been working with paper and many other craft materials all my life.

Paper turns me on. It moves me to create. It always has. I am a literature scholar and a dancer, and I love turning. I love turning pages, turning paper over, folding paper. I like to do with paper what I do with my body when I am dancing, and what I do with words when I am writing: searching for new shapes, creating new combinations, and moving others with my work.

This passion for paper and crafting has moved me to found Paper Turns in August 2014. Paper Turns specialises in handmade greeting cards for all occasions. I design and make all the cards myself using carefully selected specialty papers and card stocks primarily from Japan, Canada and Germany. I am constantly sourcing new papers, whose colours, patterns and textures often inspire new card designs. My favourite papers are chiyogami, momi and tissue papers from Japan.

Paper Turns greeting cards come in many different colours and sizes, and each card typically combines several different textures. I want my cards to be not only beautiful to look at but also a great tactile experience. Many of my cards feature origami. On certain cards, hand-cut motifs are folded and attached in such a way that they are partly raised, which creates a 3D effect. Occasionally, my cards also contain ribbons, wire, buttons, bamboo, feathers, or other materials. The individual elements are glued onto each card by hand, and any text on the card is usually handwritten by me. The inside is always blank. As a versatile crafter, I am constantly exploring new ways of integrating different materials and techniques into the Paper Turns brand. I welcome creative challenges!

Paper Turns cards are available at the occasional craft shows/markets throughout Toronto as well as online on Etsy. If you want to learn more about my background or my online shop, check out this interview.

Do you prefer custom design? That's great, too! I work directly with clients on creating unique cards (or sets of cards) for special occasions, such as big birthdays or weddings. In addition to greeting cards, invitations, and thank-you notes, Paper Turns can also supply you with gift tags, place cards, wedding favours (how about origami magnets?), event decoration (such as banners and centre pieces) -- you name it. If you are looking for a unique handmade design with a personal touch, drop me a line. I would love to hear from you.

Paper Turns isn't just about my own cards and creativity either. I am an experienced educator and available to teach courses and workshops to people of all ages. You can book me for workshops all across the GTA and beyond, whether it's a kid's birthday party, a team building workshop, a fundraiser, a company event, or bachelorette party. If you are interested in having me teach an origami, card-making or paper-crafting workshop, I would love to hear from you.

You can write to me at paperturns [at] gmail.com.

Thank you for your interest in Paper Turns! I look forward to making a card for you.

Kind regards,

P.S.: Have you wondered about the Paper Turns logo? You can read all about it here.

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