Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The 2015 Holiday Collection

Paper Turns is proud to present the 2015 holiday collection and it includes lots of new takes on old favourites. You will be pleased to hear that I listened to your request for more reindeer cards. If you loved last year's poinsettia wreath, you might like this year's wreath with charms. For those of you who have loved the owls-with-shades summer card series, I have a little surprise: my owls have swapped the sunglasses for Santa hats and delight in the dazzle of sparkly snowflakes. This year's Hanukkah series features the star of David in different forms. Whether you prefer origami or wire, I'm sure there's a holiday card for you. Also, many models from the 2014 collection continue to be available. Check out the Christmas and Hanukkah card shelves in the Paper Turns Etsy store.

Please note:
  • All cards are BLANK inside.
  • All cards are sold with a matching envelope and are placed in a transparent plastic wrapper for protection before they are shipped.
  • The wooden dreidel in the Hanukkah card pictures is not part of the product.

Christmas Cards

The Origami Reindeer

Article no.: 05GO-A6-LAT15101

This card features a modular origami reindeer folded from two different shades of brown origami paper. The background motif is a German print with a moose and fir-tree woodcut design. The brown accent strip is cut from fibred silver-speckled Japanese paper. The wish, "Merry Christmas", is handwritten in gold. Dimensions of the folded card: 10.8 cm x 15.7 cm.

 The Origami Wreath with Charms

Article no.: 05CH-A6-GOL15101

This card features a modular origami wreath, folded from two different types of green fibred Japanese paper. Attached to it are three different gold metallic charms: a candy cane, holly, and a small heart, engraved with "Merry X'mas". Each charm has a little red satin bow tied to it. The card stock is gold with a fibre pattern and is decorated with strips of white and red Japanese paper. Dimensions of the folded card: 10.7 cm x 15.7 cm.

 The Origami Owl available in two colour combinations

Article no.: 05GO-A6-TUR15101 (turquoise card)

This festive winter card features an origami owl with a Santa hat, sitting on branch surrounded by big, sparkly snowflakes.
The card comes in two different colour combinations.
  • The turquoise card is decorated with turquoise/silver snowflake paper and features a brown owl. The brown owl's Santa hat is decorated with small white pompom. No lining paper. 
  • The black card is decorated with white/silver snowflake paper and features a black owl. Inserted is a sheet of Japanese lining paper to write on. No pompom.
Article no.: 05GO-A6-BLA15101 (black card)
The branch on each card is cut from a textured Japanese card stock in dark brown. Dimensions of the folded card: 10.8 cm x 15.7 cm.

Hanukkah Cards - SOLD OUT


The Origami Star of David with Dreidel (SOLD OUT)

Article no.: 06JO-A6-SEA15101

This card features a star of David and a dreidel made from Japanese papers in shades or blue, silver and shimmery turquoise. The origami star of David is folded from chiyogami (precious silk-screened Japanese paper) with a blue and silver print pattern. The same chiyogami forms the basis of the dreidel placed at the bottom of the card. The sides of the dreidel feature the Hebrew letters ש ["shin"] and ה ["hay"]. The wish, "Happy Hanukkah!", is handwritten and underlined with velour ribbon. Contains a loosely inserted sheet of Japanese watermarked lining paper to write on. Dimensions of the folded card: 10.7 cm x 15.7 cm (4 1/4" x 6 1/4").

The Wire Star of David (SOLD OUT)

Article no.: 06WI-A6-WHI15101

This card features a star of David ornament folded from blue wire. The star is tied with black thread to a silver bow at the top of the card. If the card ever gets recycled, the silver bow can be untied, and the star ornament can be easily removed from the card and used as decoration. The card stock is white obonai (i.e. with visible fiber) and adorned at the top and bottom with two layers of silver and blue Japanese paper, cut in a zig-zag pattern. The wish, "happy hanukkah", is handwritten directly onto the card stock in silver. Dimensions of the folded card: 10.8 cm x 15.7 cm (4 1/4" x 6 1/4").

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